image The New Jersey Smart Growth Gateway is a clearinghouse of information, a "one-stop shopping" web resource where local government officials, civic leaders, and concerned citizens can access information and resources on matters relating to smart growth, sustainable development, and environmental protection in New Jersey.

There's so much smart growth information out there - both on the web and in books or manuals - thanks to wonderful work already being done by many of NJ's environmental and growth management organizations, state agencies, and private consultants. But that information is scattered in many places, making a search for smart growth information confusing and time consuming.

The Smart Growth Gateway brings this information together - with additional information, instruction, and analysis - in one place on the Internet to provide interested citizens with the chance to see the many smart growth strategies available to them, learn more about the importance of smart growth, and information on technical assistance and funding for smart growth projects.

The Smart Growth Gateway is a collaborative effort, with many interested groups offering support, text, editing, and other information. Click here to see who has contributed.

What's On the Smart Growth Gateway?

The Smart Growth Gateway's information is broken down into a number of categories:

A Smart Growth Primer
This section provides an introduction to smart growth, and answers a number of common questions about smart growth and its importance in our society. This section also includes lots of good smart growth statistics and information.

image Smart Growth Solutions
What problems plague your community? Chances are, they're problems similar to those faced by so many communities throughout New Jersey and across the United States: unchecked development gobbling up open spaces, too much traffic, water resource problems, open space loss, farmland loss, air and water pollution, not enough affordable housing, deteriorating or abandoned urban areas, economic problems, and public health problems. This section describes each of these problems, and offers advice on how smart growth can help solve them.

Smart Growth Data & Computer Tools
This section provides information on planning tools that can help communities plan smart growth projects more effectively. Planning tools include computer planning software, data sources, map sources, and sources of other technical assistance.

image Case Studies & Ordinances
Smart growth is possible! For each Smart Growth Strategy, there's somebody out there who has made that strategy happen on the ground. The projects featured below come from many different sources, and each project is summarized in a profile that includes a description of the project; a brief background on the community in which the project took place; a look at any legal, regulatory, or public opposition that might have been faced when planning for the project; photographs if available; and, when possible, contact people to call for further questions about the project. We hope that in browsing through these case studies, you will be inspired to make smart growth happen wherever you live!

Financing Smart Growth Projects
Money makes the world go 'round. That includes smart growth. Here's where you'll find information on possible funding sources for your town's smart growth projects.

How Smart is Your Development?
This section contains links to a number of "smart growth scorecards" that allow the user to determine how "smart" different features of their community is. Easy to use, these scorecards help hone in on a community's smart growth strengths and weaknesses.

Learn More About Smart Growth
If the Smart Growth Gateway isn't enough for you, here's where you'll find links to even more smart growth information! This section includes links to other smart growth organizations, articles, and books where you can satisfy your hunger for smart growth. Click here to find a list of every single page found on the Smart Growth Gateway. Can't find what you're looking for? Try the Smart Growth Gateway search engine.

Contact the Smart Growth Gateway
Information on who we are, how to reach us, and how to offer us comments and suggestions (which are always welcome!).

The Smart Growth Gateway has been made possible thanks to generous grants from the Doris Duke Charitable Trust, the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, the Leavens Foundation, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the William Penn Foundation.